Regional and global action consensus needed for international action: Museveni

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Yoweri Museveni

Where there is need for international action, regional and global consensus should be sought, Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni told the UN General Assembly during its annual debate on global affairs.

He said where there is need to fight for freedom, the oppressed people can fight for themselves. They do not have to be sponsored by external forces. He said those who seek external sponsorship as their primary aim, are suspect to say the least.

President Museveni noted that on the issue of global partnership, he could not forget to point out to the Assembly Africa's anger vis-a-vis actors who are beginning to make it a habit to ignore African Union positions on African matters.

” Although the patriotic forces have been taken by surprise by this renewed arrogance by the old mistake makers, they will react appropriately to insure Africa against hegemonism. The latest manifestation of arrogance is from the ICC in relation to the elected leaders of Kenya. Many African countries supported the setting up of ICC because we abhor impunity. However, the ICC in a shallow, biased -way has continued to mishandle complex African issues. This is not acceptable. The ICC should stop. Our advice to them is from very capable actors who know what they are doing and saying. Kenya is recovering. Let her recover. We know the origin of the past mistakes. The ICC way is not the right one to handle those mistakes.”

On the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), President Museveni said that the Goals could not be achieved without socioeconomic transformation. He noted that Uganda had faced a number of obstacles in making this transformation, including: ideological disorientation; weak State institutions; inadequate infrastructure; an unskilled workforce; small internal markets; a lack of industrialization and modernization; and incorrectly assessing the private sector. He said that his country had been aware of these problems from the beginning and had taken actions to address them. As a result, he noted that the country either had achieved or was on the right track to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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