Gambia has made impressive gains on some MDGs: President Jammeh

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Alhaji Yahya Jammeh

The 2013 MDGs report on Africa’s performance reveals mixed results, the President of Gambia Professor Alhaji Yahya Jammeh told the 68th session of the UN General Assembly on Friday.

He said while Africa’s substantial progress toward many goals, targets and indicators is beyond doubt, serious challenges still remain, especially in translating economic growth into decent job opportunities, improving service delivery and minimizing income, gender and spatial inequalities.

” Violent conflicts and economic shocks in some countries, as well as unprecedented natural disasters over the decade, induced by climate change, have caused setbacks to the achievements of the MDGs in many countries.  Despite these challenges, some African countries, and The Gambia in particular, are making impressive gains on some of the set goals. My government is on track to achieve the education MDG target for net enrolment in primary education and literacy rate among the population aged 15-24 years. “

Professor Alhaji Jammeh said his government has made informed policy reviews to prioritize basic/primary education, while expanding access to secondary, higher and tertiary education with emphasis on improving quality in all areas. He said the Gambian government is set to work diligently to ensure it closes the gap in gender enrolment disparity and provide free education and an equitable chance for all to be literate.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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