Effective multilateralism takes dogged commitment to work cooperatively: PGA

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John Ashe

This annual gathering of world leaders and dignitaries should not just be seen as another September routine or tradition, President of the 68th session of the UN General Assembly Dr. John Ashe told the Assembly's opening session on Tuesday. Rather, he said, it serves and should serve another larger and better purpose: that of recommitting ourselves and our countries to the noble ideals that lie at the organization's core.

Ambassador Ashe said effective multilateralism takes dogged determination and a commitment to negotiate and work cooperatively, especially if the quest is to evolve towards a shared consensus that is both broad and lasting.

” As we start this 68th Session, on the one hand we urgently need tangible results and action by our Assembly; on the other hand, we are faced with high levels of pessimism and cynicism that we will not be up to the task and that we lack the effort and discipline to effectively address the world's needs. Let us prove the nay-sayers wrong- let us put our shoulders to the plough and work with each other in a spirit of collaboration.”

General Assembly President John Ashe urged world leaders to focus on the business ahead, cognisant of the sacred trust which brings them to the Assembly, committed to the peoples they serve, looking beyond individual and narrow interests, and intention concluding the work they must do at the United Nations.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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