UN Envoy: Syrian crisis a big threat to world peace and security

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Lakhdar Brahimi, Joint Special Representative for Syria gives a press conference at the Palais, Geneva. Wednesday 5 June 2013. [UN Photo/Violaine Martin]

The Joint Special Representative of the United Nations and the League of Arab States for Syria Lakhdar Brahimi, has expressed grave concern over the alleged use of chemical weapons in Damascus.

Mr Brahimi said the incident was a clear indication of danger the crisis poses not only for the Syrian people but also for the region and the world

Speaking in Geneva, Mr Brahimi said insistence by parties to the conflict for a military solution was only worsening the situation, and that a negotiated political settlement was the only way out of the crisis.

Mr Brahimi said the Syrian crisis is a big threat to peace and security in the world.

"The problem is that the parties that are involved in this civil war, each one of them think that they can win military. We believe, the Secretary General of the United Nations and a lot of other people believe that here is no military solution; no side is going to win. And there is only a political solution and the earlier we work on it, the better. Syria is without any doubt the biggest threat to peace and security in the world today. What is happening now in the ground with this story about the outrageous alleged use of chemical weapons, with the destruction of the country that has been taking place for two years, with the spread of the problem outside of Syria, through the flow of refugees and also the involvement of neighbouring countries in one way or another in the conflict, it is indeed now the biggest threat to peace and security." 

Mr Brahimi said the road-map for a political solution was already set out in the final communiqué issued by the Syrian contact group during their conference in Geneva on 30th June 2012.

Patrick Maigua, United Nations Radio, Geneva.

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