Military interference in the affairs of any state not consistent with fundamental democratic principles: Ban

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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has reiterated his appeals for calm, non-violence, dialogue and restraint in Egypt at this moment of continued high tension and uncertainty in the country.

During a press conference on Thursday in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Secretary-General said the United Nations was following closely, and with continuing concern, the fast-moving developments in Egypt.

He noted that "in their protests, many Egyptians have voiced deep frustrations and legitimate concerns. "At the same time", he said "military interference in the affairs of any state is of serious concern and is not consistent with fundamental democratic principles.

Therefore, it will be crucial to quickly reinforce civilian rule in accordance with principles of democracy".

He said "The world is watching closely the next steps with the hope that Egyptians will remain on a peaceful course, overcome the deep difficulties they are facing today, and find the needed common ground to move forward in a transition for which so many fought so courageously".

Secretary-General Ban stressed that "an inclusive approach is essential to addressing the needs and concerns of all Egyptians"' adding, "Preservation of fundamental rights, including freedom of speech and assembly remain of vital importance".

He believes "… one key to a successful resolution of this crisis is inclusivity and any discussions, dialogue or governing bodies should include representatives from the wide spectrum of Egyptian politics".

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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