SYRIA: Commission of Inquiry report not truthful

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Syrian residents whose homes were destroyed by shelling

Syria has rejected the latest report by the Commission of Inquiry into human rights violations in the country saying it lacks objectivity and amounts to a veiled attempt to vilify the country's leadership.

Syrian ambassador in Geneva Faysal Khabbaz Hamoui said the report was exaggerated and fails to highlights human rights violations being committed by rebel forces.

Addressing the UN Human Rights Council, Ambassador Hamoui said the Commission of Inquiry makes no mention of the violation of Syria's sovereignty by some of the neighbouring countries that provide logistical support to rebel and other terrorist groups operating in the country.

"Mr President, the commission still insists on exaggerating their conclusions and outcomes. The committee despite our warnings insisted on using sectarian language which are rejected by all brackets of the Syrian society. It also neglected mention of economic and social deterioration which are the unjust unilateral sanctions imposed by certain Arab and foreign countries on the Syrian people. The commission also referred only casually to the examples of crimes perpetuated by the Takfiri groups including extra judicial executions, slaying of captives, tearing open the bodies of victims, and eating out their guts, some horrendous scenes that shocked the whole world."

The Syrian ambassador reaffirmed Syria's no confidence in the Commission of Inquiry, noting that its report was not courageous and truthful enough.

Patrick Maigua, United Nations Radio, Geneva.

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