Security Council expresses concern at the deterioration of security in the Juba regions of Somalia

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Mark Lyall Grant

Members of the UN Security Council have expressed their concern at the deterioration in the security situation in the Juba regions, particularly in Kismayo, Somalia, and at the resulting impact on the civilian population and the humanitarian situation.

In a statement Thursday evening, the Members of the Security Council called on all parties to refrain from any action which may threaten peace and stability in the Juba regions and to engage with the Federal Government of Somalia in a constructive manner to achieve a peaceful resolution to the current crisis and to alleviate the dire humanitarian situation.

Council President is Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant of the United Kingdom.

“The members of the Security Council underlined their support for the development of an effective federal system of government, in line with the Provisional Constitution and in respect of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia, in order to ensure a constructive and sincere partnership between the Federal Government of Somalia and local and regional administrations. In this context the members of the Security Council look forward to a broad, inclusive, constitutional review process. The members of the Security Council expressed their support for the IGAD Communiqué of 24 May and invited IGAD and neighbouring countries to play a strong and positive role in helping to decrease the tension and identify a way forward.”

The members of the Security Council welcomed the commitment of the Federal Government of Somalia to lead reconciliation efforts in the Juba regions with the support of UNSOM, IGAD and other appropriate actors.

They underlined the importance of the issues in the Juba regions not distracting from the urgent need to end the threat posed by Al-Shabaab and bring security and prosperity to the Somali people, the overwhelming majority of whom are committed to peace through dialogue.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.


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