Jamaica's well-defined industrial relations system cemented by labour laws: Kellier

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Derrick Kellier

Tripartism which is at the heart of the ILO and the Decent Work agenda resonate with the country of Jamaica, Minister of Labour and Social Security Derrick Kellier told the 102nd International Labour Congress in Geneva.

He said Jamaica's well-defined industrial relations system cemented by labour laws is affected by the natural rhythm of the Jamaica workers, employers and government.

TAPE: Indeed, the avenue of social dialogue was an antecedent to Jamaica's recent agreement with the IMF. We in Jamaica recognize tat our population has been aging for the past 20 years. Jamaica is in fact at an intermediate stage of demographic transition and is classified as having as moderately aging population. The dependent elderly age group is the fastest growing segment of the population and our median age has increased from 24 to 27 over a ten year period. Mr. President, this poses serious demographic and economic challenges for Jamaica. We have embraced the social protection floor recommendations of 2012 and is currently in the process of developing a comprehensive protection strategy. This move will lend greater cohesiveness as we seek to address the needs of the Jamaican people.

NAR: Minister Kellier said the labour market reform on which Jamaica will embark shortly was a reflection of the country's commitment as labor, gender sensitive frameworks and inter-generational workforce and child labor were areas of concern.

TAPE: We are also mindful of high unemployment among our youth. Consequently, we are currently designing with the assistance of the ILO – a youth employment strategy focusing on rural infrastructure development. As a small island developing state addressing the issues of sustainable development, climate change and green jobs are important to building a future with decent work. To this end, Mr. President, Jamaica has placed particular emphasis on climate change through the assignment of ministerial portfolio responsibility. We believe that our task is t create the framework for a sustainable development and remove barriers to growth while leaving enterprise and business to seek out and act as a vehicle for wealth and job creation through entrepreneurship and innovation.

NAR: Jamaica's Minister of Labour and Social Security Mr. Derrick Kellier.

This is Donn Bobb reporting.

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