ILO reform will contribute to an enhanced role for the organization in global development: Trinidad and Tobago

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Errol Mc Leod

NAR: The ongoing reshaping of the global landscape requires States to become more nimble and to examine more closely the poles and determinants of poverty and prosperity in both developed and developing countries.

That assessment comes from Trinidad and Tobago's Minister of Labour and Small and Micro Enterprise Development Errol Mc Leod in a statement to the 102nd International Labour Conference in Geneva.

TAPE: If we were to treat effectively with reducing poverty everywhere so that there is no threat to prosperity anywhere, our development goals and solutions must be crafted on a common platform that recognizes that in an integrated, fast-paced, technology –driven era, we, each of us have a role to play and that labour and labour-related issues are of critical importance to global development. There will be no development without labour and no labour without development. I am optimistic that ILO reform will contribute to an enhanced role for the organization in global development. With a jobs deficit of 200 million, the silver tsunami and youth not in education, employment or training, the time has come for the global community to view labor in its proper perspective – not as a social policy or as a softer issue as is often time the case, but as a pillar of economic development.

NAR: Minister Errol Mc Leod noted that in the ILO and among its constituents, they've all been singing from the same decent work hymn sheet. He said they know it, understand its value and contribution and commit to its promotion.

This is Donn Bobb reporting.

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