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The sounds of the Caribbean waffled through the New Yorker Hotel in New York as the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) celebrated Caribbean Week in New York.

During the week of activities, UN Radio spoke with a number of regional officials. Today, it's Grenada's Senator Brenda Hood who explained what was happening.


Sen. Hood: Well we are displaying Grenadian products. We have the nutmeg which you know is a brand in Grenada. And then we have some guava cheese, bags with a lot of material there talking about what's going o in Grenada. There's a lot of useful information on what's taking place and the whole idea is for thepeople to take it with them and share it with their friends so they can come back to Grenada.

Donn: What does the tourist situation look like for Grenada/in Grenada?

Sen. Hood: Well right now it's picking up quite nicely. The American market is picking up by 8 percent. In April, we had about 8 per cent increase. What is happening now also with the new La Source/Grenada Sandals coming, that is selling itself also and there's a lot of buzz out there with a lot of people wanting to come to Grenada.

Donn: What of airlift? Is there a problem with that?

Sen. Hood : Wel,there is a problem but we are confident with the new hotels that are coming in this year, you will see more airlines coming to the destination. Curently we have Caribbean Airways that comes twice per week out of New York and then we have American Airlines coming four times per week out of Miami. The intent is that if we see an increase when the winter season begins so more airlines will be coming and more people will come.

Donn: What can the visitor to Grenada expect? What does Grenada offer?

Sen. Hood: We offer a little bit of everything. It's no longer sea and sand anymore. It's eco-tourism. It's diving. It's snorkeling, the culture, the food, the people, the hiking. We have yachting, sailing – we have a little bit of everything. So you may go to ne destination and experience sea and sand and maybe yachting. We also have underwater sculpture park. I don't know if you are aware of it where we have the sculpture underwater –we have a glass bottom boat. It was said by National Geographic it's one f the best in the world. So what we are trying to do is to try to cerate an experience for people when they come to Grenada, it's like a farm trip. They come with their friends but they must go back and tell their friends to come back and they also would come back again, because when you go to Grenada, it grows on you. It's an experience that it's very difficult to explain. You have to go there t experience it.

Chair of the Grenada Tourist Board Senator Brenda Hood. This is Donn Bobb reporting.

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