Corporate leaders look at ways to contribute to peace building

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Georg Kell

Identifying how the private sector can effectively support and contribute to peace building is the focus of a day-long meeting at the United Nations on Tuesday.

One panel looks at promoting responsible investment and other actions that could have positive impacts in countries on the agenda of the UN Peacebuilding Commission, such as Burundi, Liberia and Guinea-Bissau.

Georg Kell heads a partnership between the UN and the business community known as the Global Compact.

"We see everywhere all over the world the desire by entrepreneurs to grow, to be successful. And entrepreneurs often hit the wall because violence, corruption, is the biggest impediment to growth. And therefore, the self-enlightened interest to explore how can we actually reduce the barriers and how can we be part of the solution is actually growing world-wide. And we are extremely encouraged by this. This is in the north, in the south, in the east and in the west. It's genuinely universal."

At the meeting, businesses that are already contributing in peace building contexts, for example through project financing, will also share their experiences, perspectives and expectations.

Dianne Penn, United Nations.

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