Expert calls for measures to reduce road traffic deaths in Africa

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• Africa is leading the world in road traffic fatalities, according to a public health specialist from Kenya. The expert says nearly 65 per cent of all road deaths in Africa occur in just seven countries, with more than 14,000 killed annually in South Africa alone. Global Safety Week is being observed from 6 to 12 May to put a spotlight on this problem.

Freedom of the press in South Sudan

Media workers in South Sudan

• Efforts are under way to build a free press in the new nation of South Sudan which gained its independence in July 2011. A senior newspaper editor says media workers are determined to do their work. However, the country is facing many challenges in developing the media, including in the areas of education and infrastructure.

Youth unemployment in  Africa

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• Nearly 12 per cent of African youth are unemployed, according to a new study released by the International Labour Organization (ILO) on Wednesday. The report says youth joblessness worldwide stands at nearly 74 million. In some African countries the figure exceeds 50 per cent. The ILO report  says North Africa is hardest hit by youth unemployment.

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