2012 was the ninth warmest year on record: WMO

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Yes! You were right. It wasn't just a feeling. It was definitely warmer last year.

Now, the World Meteorological Organization has confirmed what we all thought. 2012 was warmer and has joined the ten previous years as one of the warmest on record, despite the cooling influence of a La Niña episode early in the year.

This is the ninth warmest year since records began in 1850 and the 27th consecutive year that the global land and ocean temperatures were above the 1961–1990 average, according to the statement. The years 2001–2012 were all among the top 13 warmest years on record.

But there was a downside to it. The World Meteorological Organization's Omar Baddour says the sustained warming of the lower atmosphere is a worrisome sign, citing the record loss of Arctic ice in August and September; extreme weather events such as Hurricane Sandy in the Caribbean and the United States; Typhoon Bopha in The Philippines.

“And also, a major drought in the United States, Mexico and Eastern Europe and also extreme precipitation which induced some flooding in West Africa killing hundreds of people and affecting infrastructure and also in Pakistan, for the third year we have noted extreme flooding in Pakistan. “

Mr. Baddour also points to extremely hot summers in Australia, Europe and northern Africa.

And the World Meteorological Organization says "The continued upward trend in atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases and the consequent increased radiative forcing of the Earth's atmosphere confirm that the warming will continue.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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