UN humanitarian response in Syria gets boost from Kuwait

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The displaced people in the Azzas area are receiving winter emergency relief, like these vulnerable Syrian civilians.

The government of Kuwait has made available $275 million to nine aid agencies responding to the Syrian humanitarian crisis.

The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) received $110 million, the UN World Food Programme(WFP) $ 40 million, the UN Children’s fund, UNICEF $53 million and the World Health Organization (WHO) $ 35 million.

The funding is part of the pledge made by Kuwait during the Syrian humanitarian response donor conference held in January this year and where $1.5 billion was pledged.

United Nations agencies have warned that they may have to cut back on their humanitarian response programme in Syria by the end of June this year due to lack of funds.

Antonio Guterres is the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

"With the number of casualties increasing, with the number of displaced populations increasing, our capacity to deliver is out of proportion with the needs. That effort is far from being enough to address the needs of the Syrian people. We can minimize the suffering of people, we can alleviate to a certain extent the suffering of people, but there is no humanitarian solution to this problem. The solution is political and that’s why we have been appealing to all those that have political responsibilities to find or to create conditions that allow for a political solution to be found."

The UN refugee agency says up to 7,000 Syrian were fleeing the country on a daily basis.

The agency estimates that the number of Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries is likely to reach four million by the end of the year.

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