UN chief stresses need for all stakeholders in Africa to participate in peace processes

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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

It is important for all stakeholders in Africa to participate in peace processes after conflicts and for peace agreements to address the underlying causes of conflicts.

That's what United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the Security Council on Monday as it discussed Peace and Security in Africa.

He said that conflicts breed where there is poor governance, human rights abuses as well as grievances over the unequal distribution of resources, wealth and power.

Secretary-General Ban noted 20 African countries hold elections this year.

He said the relatively peaceful elections in Kenya were an example of how electoral disagreements can be handled through the legal process without recourse to violence.

"In other cases elections can be a source of instability. The parties may use elections to continue the competition to divide the spoils of war. That is why it is so important for mediation of efforts to ensure that peace agreements are not just pacts between political elites that address the immediate political problem, they must also deal with the underlying causes of conflict and allow all stakeholders to participate."

The Secretary-General said Africa is still afflicted by interconnected instabilities spreading from one territory to its neighbours.

Gerry Adams, United Nations.

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