Members of the Security Council concerned over volatile situation in Republic of Guinea

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The members of the Security Council have expressed their concern over the volatile situation in the Republic of Guinea.

In a statement on Monday, following a briefing on the situation, the members of the Security Council welcomed the joint declaration of non-violence signed in Conakry on 23 April 2013 between the main Guinean stakeholders, whereby they called upon the security forces as well as the supporters of all political parties to exercise restraint and to avoid all forms of violence, in particular during political demonstrations, and where they committed themselves to resolving all differences exclusively through peaceful means.

The members of the Council also welcomed the statement made by the President of the Republic of Guinea, Alpha Condé, on 24 April 2013, whereby he expressed his readiness to ensure the transparency and the credibility of the electoral process, with the support of the international community, and he committed himself to accepting the results of the upcoming legislative elections.

The members of the Security Council deplored the violent incidents that occurred during the demonstrations in Conakry on 25 April 2013, which resulted in the death of one person and injured a number of others.

They urged all parties to exercise restraint and to uphold the joint declaration of non-violence.

The members of the Security Council expressed their strong support for the facilitation efforts led by Special Representative Said Djinnit to resume the national political dialogue between the Government of the Republic of Guinea and the opposition. They called upon all the parties to cooperate closely with the special representative with a view to creating the conditions necessary for a national political dialogue conducive to the holding of free, fair, transparent and inclusive legislative elections in Guinea.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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