Insecurity preventing children from going to school in Central African Republic

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Children in the Central African Republic. OCHA/ Laura Fultang

The security situation in the Central African Republic remains volatile and unpredictable, restricting efforts by aid agencies to reach those affected by the on-going crisis in the country, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian affairs (OCHA).

Most United Nations agencies have either scaled down or temporarily suspended their activities especially outside the capital Bangui.

OCHA says the entire population of Central African Republic of about 4.6 million people has been affected by the crisis, with over 173,000 uprooted from their homes.

Marixie Mercado from the United Nations Children's Fund UNICEF says the volatile security situation continues to prevent children and teachers from returning to school.

“50 per cent of all schools across the country remain closed. UNICEF is particularly concerned about children who should be sitting for their terminal exams at the end of their primary education cycle for entry into secondary school. At present, there is still a chance that exams can take place in June if schools can resume in the up coming weeks, but remedial and make-up classes will be required. A major obstacle to school reopening is that teachers who have fled conflict affected areas have yet to return to their communities. Many institutions, including school, have been looted of even the most basic supplies. UNICEF is exploring options to provide safe spaces for children to learn and play in areas as they become accessible and is identifying areas that can be prioritized for resumption of educative activities.”

The UN humanitarian action plan for the Central African Republic has a funding deficit of over $100 million which is expected to increase as the humanitarian situation worsens.

Patrick Maigua, United Nations Radio, Geneva.

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