UNICEF warns of a lost generation of Syrian children

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Boys play on the streets of Aleppo(© UNICEF/NYHQ2012-1301/Romenzi)

A generation of Syrian children is at risk as the conflict enters its third year, according to a new report of the United Nations Children's agency (UNICEF).

The report, titled "Syria's Children a Lost Generation" says millions of children in Syria and across the region are witnessing their past and futures disappear amidst the rubble and destruction of the conflict.

Speaking at the launch of the report in Geneva on Tuesday, UNICEF spokesperson, Patrick McCormick describes the situation of Syria as 'a double tragedy" and a "double disaster".

He says "as the crisis in Syria enters its third tragic year without any end in sight, the risk of a lost generation… grows every hour, every day, every month".

"We risk creating a generation of children who have seen or know only fighting and may well end up perpetuating that cycle of violence. What they see around them and what that implies for the region which we all known is fragile and often on the brink of violence or civil strife, so it's not just Syria we are talking about here. One of the main concerns we have heard from parents is that children are not going to school. I'll give you one example. In Aleppo only six per cent of children are going to school there." (31")

Patrick McCormick says if children don't go to school, the future of their country is in danger.

He says UNICEF is committed to keeping Syria's children from becoming a lost generation, but urgently needs funding to continue its life-saving operations inside Syria and in neighbouring countries.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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