Situation in Central African Republic remains dire despite peace accord

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Margaret Vogt

• Hopes for peace in the Central African Republic were raised when the government and the Seleka rebels signed an agreement in Libreville, Gabon in January to end the conflict in the country. However, the situation remains dire as the rebellion continues with the rebels capturing towns. They captured the strategic south-eastern town of Bangassou last week.

Somalis enjoy nightlife in Mogadishu

Night life in Mogadishu

• Since the Al Shabaab Islamic extremists have been driven out of Mogadishu, life is getting better in the city. Somalis now enjoy nightlife eating out at restaurants, going to concerts or simply shopping. Not long ago, Mogadishu was known as "the most dangerous city in the world" as various groups battled for control of the city.

Libyan women want to participate in security sector reform

Libyan women

• One of the challenges facing Libya after the fall of the Muammar Qadhafi regime is the reform of the security sector. Hundreds of Libyans who took up arms to confront pro-Qadhafi forces have to be either included in the security forces or reintegrated into civilian life. A Libyan gender specialist says women want to participate in this process.

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