Settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territories depriving Israeli nationals of adequate housing

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Raquel Rolnik

A UN report says that Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories not only violate international law and worsen the living conditions of Palestinians under occupation, but also deprive Israeli nationals of resources that could be used for adequate housing within the internationally recognized boundaries of their own country.

Raquel Rolnik, Special Rapporteur on adequate housing, presented the report today to the UN Human Rights Council, based on a visit to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories just over a year ago.

"Israel has made remarkable achievements in securing adequate housing for massive waves of immigrant Jews during the first decades following independence. In my report, however, I note with concern that since the 1990s, the Israeli Government has increasingly disengaged from the housing sector, relying mostly on market incentives. Privatization, deregulation and commercialization of public assets have further led to increasing inequalities in access to adequate housing and an affordability crisis in the housing sector."

At the end of January, Israel failed to attend the country's Universal Periodic Review by the Human Rights Council, the first time a review had been boycotted.

Nicki Chadwick, UN Radio, Geneva.

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