Perpetrators of violence against women are often "untouched" says Council of Europe deputy Secretary-General

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Gabriella Dragoni

The question of how to criminalize, through penal law, those who have perpetrated violence against women is an important part of the Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, says the deputy Secreary-General of the Council of Europe.

Gabriella Dragoni says "The Convention", also referred to as the Istanbul Convention, "aims to put some clear guidelines on violence against women with a view that countries, after ratification, or in preparing for ratification, prepare the national laws which would be indispensable to implement the various guidelines of the Convention".

In this interview with Donn Bobb, Ms. Dragoni says "the perpetrators of violence against women are often untouched and we really have to start to give a very strong signal that those who perpetrate violence of any kind must absolutely go through the legal system".

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