Global coordinated effort to tackle water-related disasters: Jeremic

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Vuk Jeremić

An increasing number of water-related disasters are affecting Member States in every corner of the planet, President of the UN General Assembly Vuc Jeremic told a Special Thematic Session on Water and Disasters on Wednesday.

He drew attention to recent water-related disasters in Japan, Southern Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean and North America.

And he warned that it is clear that the international community needs to work much more closely together in order to properly address this grave threat. 

“ The problems we face are thus truly global in the essence, although it is the poorest nations that inevitably bear the greatest burden. Low income countries are generally less resilient to climatic shocks and are slower to recover from resulting disasters. The Least Developed Countries and the Small Island Developing States are particularly vulnerable in this regard. The risks of extreme weather events are being multiplied by a range of factors including climate change, increased population pressures, declining ecosystems, and unplanned urbanization. We can expect water-related disasters to increase unless we tackle these issues in a global coordinated effort.” 

Mr. Jeremic believes it is critical for Member States to consistently implement resolutions in support of disaster risk reduction. He said issues like water cannot be addressed by the efforts of individual nations.

Rather, he added, the growing stress on water resources can only be ameliorated if every Member State commits to participating in a common effort, whilst recognizing at the same time that water infrastructure modernization is a core national interest.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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