Almost no place safe for civilians in Syria: OCHA

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Syrian child struggling to stay warm – UNHCR

Syrian families have been bereaved, traumatised and uprooted, the children unable to attend school and household economies impoverished.

These are just some of the devastating effects of the Syrian crisis which has gone on for two years now.

And according to the Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for Syria, there are no signs of a let up in the immense suffering of civilians – children, women and men who need aid.

In Geneva, Spokesperson of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Jens Laerke quotes the humanitarian coordinator as stressing that the infrastructure of Syria which has been increasingly destroyed; basic human necessities – shelter, water, food and health care have all become precarious and scarce.

 "The human consequences of the unfolding disaster in Syria are truly conscience-shocking. A feature of the crisis is that the entire country is being militarised and there's almost no place in Syria deemed to be safe. Many Syrians have no idea of when or if, they would have a normal life again. The UN and its partners are undertaking one of the largest humanitarian efforts in monetary terms in the history of the United Nations. Much has been achieved in the past three years in terms of food delivery, provision of safe drinking water, vaccination of children and essential health care, emergency shelter and counselling and psychosocial support to children and grown-ups alike." (39")

Jens Laerke says combined short term appeals by the UN and its partners for $US1.5 billion are only 20 per cent funded.

Donn Bobb, United Nations

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