UN officials and ambassadors denounce latest DPRK nuclear test


Atmospheric nuclear test carried out by the U.S. on 1 March 1954 at Bikini Atoll, Marshal Islands

North Korea's decision to conduct an underground nuclear test has drawn international condemnation. The Security Council in New York, the Conference on Disarmament meeting in Geneva, and the head of the organization which monitors a global nuclear test ban treaty, have all denounced the explosion, which took place on Tuesday. This is the third such test by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), despite Security Council resolutions banning the country from using nuclear technology. Dianne Penn reports.

One Billion Rising:  A campaign to end violence against women

OBR poster

On February 14th, men and women, across the globe stood up and danced together to end violence against women.  Eve Ensler, author of the famous Vagina Monologues, says the campaign, called ONE BILLION RISING, was supported by people around the world – from the queen of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro and the queen mother of Bhutan, from prime ministers, nuns, zumba dancers, domestic workers, doctors and nurses, people danced for the human rights of women."

Miss Universe raises HIV/AIDS awareness in Indonesia

Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012

In her first-ever official visit abroad as Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo took part in an open discussion with Indonesian youth on raising HIV/AIDS awareness. Ms. Culpo says she is committed to working with young people globally, on behalf of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and UNAIDS, as she believes that spreading international awareness about this deadly disease will help fight the pandemic.  Miss Universe addressed members of Indonesian civil society recently outlining her commitment to fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Olivia Culpo spoke of the need to involve Indonesian youth to promote a healthy debate on issues relating to sexually transmitted diseases and HIV prevention. She says because of the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS, a lot of people do not talk about it. As Miss Universe however, she is honoured to use her voice and communicate with young people about this deadly disease.

Presenter: Beng Poblete-Enriquez

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