Somalia will fight "scourge" of Al-Shabaab until victory: Foreign Minister

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Security Council chamber

The government of Somalia is committed to continue the fight against the Al-Shabaab extremists until the final victory is realized.

That's what the Foreign Minister of the Horn of Africa country, Fawzia Yusuf Adam told the Security Council on Thursday as it discussed the situation in the east African country. 

She spoke of a rebirth of Somalia where, she said, conflict and acrimony between the country's leaders is something of the past and now, a cooperative atmosphere prevails. 

Foreign Minister Adam said the government adopted a Six Pillar Policy Framework addressing issues of security, good governance, finance, service delivery, international relations and the sovereignty and integrity of Somalia. 

"The Somali Government has adopted several initiatives and programmes based on these Pillars. In the Security Sector, for example, Government troops, in collaboration with AMISOM, have succeeded in regaining control of new areas previously held by Al-Shabaab. Today, Al-Shabaab is weakened, its leadership is in disarray and on the run. We are committed to continue the fight against this scourge until the final victory is realised."  (26") 

AMISOM is the African Union Mission in Somalia. 

Foreign Minister Fawzia Yusuf Adam said the government of Somalia is in the process of establishing local administrations in the newly recovered areas of south-central Somalia. 

Donn Bobb, United Nations. 

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