One Billion Rising, 14 February 2013

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Women dancing for the 1 BILLION RISING campaign

Michelle Bachelet, the Executive Director of UN Women, says she stands up for the fundamental human right of every woman and girl to live a life free from fear and violence. And the One Billion Rising campaign agrees. Sponsored by Eve Ensler’s V-day organization, One Billion Rising is a huge movement which claims that one out of every three women worldwide is subject to violence at some point in her life. One Billion Rising aims to tackle violence against women in all its forms, from domestic violence to sexual exploitation to human trafficking. On 14 February 2013, as part of the One Billion Rising campaign, Michelle Bachelet and one billion women and men around the world rose up, walked out, danced and demanded an end to violence against women.

Indigenous recollections on World Radio Day

World Radio Day, a day to celebrate radio as a medium, was observed on the 13th of February at the United Nations. World Radio Day takes place in observance of the first day of broadcast of UN Radio, the radio component of the United Nations, on February 13, 1946. And how radio has evolved since then! But despite the development of countless new ways to access information, radio, according to UNESCO, remains the medium that reaches the widest audience worldwide. Loris Ann Taylor is a prominent member of the Hopi Tribe of Native Americans in the United States. She reminisces about her first encounter with radio before she became President and CEO of Native Public Media, Inc.

The challenges of protecting Syrian refugee babies

Za’atri Camp

Za’atri Camp in Jordan is now the size of a small city, home to 75 thousand Syrian refugees. It has four medical clinics including a Moroccan field hospital staffed with military doctors. On this day, Widad Sha-wa-mreh is having a caesarian section to deliver her seventh child. Gerry Adams reports.

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