North Korea's nuclear test poses a serious threat to global peace and stability: South Korea

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Storax Sedan (yield 104 kt) – shallow underground nuclear test conducted by the United States on 6 July 1962 at Nevada Test Site. Image in the public domain

The irresponsible behaviour of North Korea goes against our common goal of halting nuclear proliferation and promoting nuclear disarmament, the representative of South Korea told the Conference on Disarmament Tuesday in Geneva.

Ambassador Kwon Haeryong says "for the last two decades, North Korea has posed a serious threat to the international non-proliferation and disarmament regime".

He says since the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was drafted in the Conference on Disarmament, North Korea is the only country which has demonstrated blatant disregard by conducting nuclear tests.

“Repeated nuclear tests by North Korea pose a serious threat not only to the Korean peninsula, but also to global peace and stability. This action also constitutes a grave challenge to the international non-proliferation regime. North Korea will be held responsible for any consequences of this provocative act.”

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Ambassador Kwon Haeryong says the Republic of Korea –South Korea stands firm on its principle that it would not tolerate a nuclear North Korea.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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