GA President urges a redoubling of efforts to heal wounds between peoples of different religions

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Vuc Jeremic

"Our world is still characterized by too much confrontation, intolerance, and recurring warfare", President of the UN General Assembly Vuc Jeremic told a special event titled 'United for a Culture of Peace through Interfaith Harmony' on Thursday.

He said it was evident that some of the aspirations of the UN's founders still needed to be realized.

But he allowed that while it certainly appeared to be a tall order, the holy books of respective religious traditions reminded of what may well happen when we look …. to the future with hope, faith, and imagination.

General Assembly President Vuc Jeremic expressed the view that the United Nations could greatly benefit from further engaging with religious leaders from around the world who advocate the path of peace.
” Let us reach out to one another, on equal footing, and truly work on healing the wounds of centuries of conflict between peoples of different religions—vigilantly mindful of the danger that the ills and grievances of bygone centuries—if they continue to be reawakened—can engulf us in a maelstrom of unmatched ferocity.”

General Assembly President Jeremic said that today, we are humbly taking a small step towards overcoming strife and hatred in the name of religion, advancing efforts for the august body to truly become an Assembly of Peace.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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