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UNEP team in Nigeria discusses oil cleanup in Ogoniland

UNEP technical team collect surface water sample. Photo: UNEP

A team from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is in Nigeria to discuss the cleaning up of oil contamination in Ogoniland. A comprehensive study by UNEP in the Delta Region found that oil contamination in Ogoniland is extensive as a result of oil industry operations in the area since the late 1950s. The UNEP's [...]

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Secretary-General "deeply disappointed" at jail sentence for Somali rape victim and journalist

Ban Ki-moon

  UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed his deep disappointment after a Somali woman who said she had been raped and a local journalist who had interviewed her were sentenced to one year in jail on Tuesday. In a statement from his spokesperson, Mr. Ban said it is essential that the rights of the alleged [...]

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Methadone maintenance reduces HIV infections in Spain

Methadone maintenance treatment

According to a study published in The Bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO), heroin dependence treatment is reducing HIV infections in Spain. Laws passed in 1990 and 1996 made methadone treatment available. The study found that as a result of these laws, the number of new HIV infections has dwindled from an annual average [...]

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UN Daily News 05 February 2013

News and features from United Nations Radio.

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UN team in Nigeria for talks on restoring Oganiland environment

Ogoniland, Nigeria

A team from the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) is in Nigeria this week to meet with government officials and partners on the issue of oil contamination in the Niger Delta region. Headed by Special Envoy Erik Solheim, the team will discuss ways to implement proposals made in a 2011 study on the environmental impact of [...]

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Violence increases number of needy people in Syria: OCHA

January 2013, Lebanon: Syrian refugee at a child-friendly space run by humanitarian partners. Credit: OCHA/David Gough

It is almost two years since the crisis in Syria began and there is still no solution in sight yet. The United Nations humanitarian agency, OCHA, is warning that if the violence continues, the situation will worsen. Already, the country is facing a serious humanitarian crisis with four million people in need of relief assistance. [...]

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Rethink economic growth for Arab social justice: UNDP and ILO

Young man on skateboard

The Arab uprisings have exposed skewed development policies, social justice deficits and over two decades of poorly managed economic liberalization. That, according to a joint report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) released Tuesday. The report titled "Rethinking Economic Growth: Towards Inclusive and Productive Arab Societies", says the region's [...]

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Settlement activity a major obstacle to two-State solution: Ban

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

The status quo is unsustainable, and unacceptable, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Tuesday in remarks at the opening of the 2013 session of the Palestinian rights committee. He said both parties – Israelis and Palestinians – must live up to their commitment to a negotiated two-State solution consistent with Security Council resolutions and resolve all the [...]

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Indonesia: Surviving the Flood

Rita Rondunuwu

Jakarta is recovering from yet another flood. But Indonesia is no stranger to natural disasters. In fact, there is a flood here almost every month. Often deforestation on mountain slopes loosens the soil and heavy rain leads to landslides. Four months ago, Lemusa village on Sulawesi island was buried under six metres of mud. In [...]

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WHO official details deteriorating health situation in Syria

Displaced Syrian family

The health situation in Syria has progressively worsened with more than half of the country's public hospitals and 78 per cent of ambulances damaged due to the ongoing conflict. That assessment comes from Elizabeth Hoff, World Health Organization (WHO) representative for Syria, who on Tuesday spoke by phone from the capital, Damascus, to reporters in [...]

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OCHA warns of deepening Syrian crisis

A displaced Syrian family in the suburb of Sanoura, Damascus.  OCHA/David Gough

  The United Nations humanitarian agency, OCHA, is warning that if the violence continues unabated in Syria, the numbers of people in need of urgent assistance will escalate over the coming months. It's estimated that there are currently 4 million people who need emergency aid. More than 2 million people are internally displaced in the [...]

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Food aid to reach 2.5 million Syrians

WFP food distribution

Food baskets, containing essentials that should provide people with enough nutrients for their daily needs, will be distributed to up to 2.5 million Syrians over the next few months. The food packages are being supplied by the United Nations World Food Programme, WFP, and will include rice, bulgar, pasta, vegetable oil, lentils, salt, sugar, wheat [...]

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UN experts call on Iran to stop journalist arrests and release those detained

Iran flag

A group of United Nations independent human rights experts* has called for the Government of Iran to immediately halt the recent wave of mass arrests of journalists and to release those already detained. Last week, security forces raided five newspaper offices and arrested at least 17 journalists, the majority of whom work for independent news [...]

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New policies needed to promote agroforestry

Young boy with child on his back harvesting coffee berries in Malawi.

Millions of people could escape poverty, hunger and environmental degradation if countries put more effort into promoting agroforestry, an integrated approach combining trees with crop or livestock production, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation – FAO said Tuesday. In a new guide published today and aimed at decision-makers, key policy advisors, NGOs and governmental institutions, [...]

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