Sustained commitment key to eradication and elimination of Neglected Tropical Diseases by 2020: WHO

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Tropical diseases

Thanks to a new global strategy, a regular supply of quality assured, cost-effective medicines and support from global partners, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports unprecedented progress against 17 neglected tropical diseases.

The report Sustaining the drive to overcome the global impact of neglected tropical diseases reveals new momentum has shifted the world closer to the elimination of many of these conditions that take their greatest toll amongst the poor.

The publication charts progress in controlling, eliminating and eradicating these diseases. Two are targeted for global eradication, dracunculiasis (guinea worm disease) in 2015 and yaws in 2020. The report outlines six targets set for the elimination of five diseases in 2015 and a further 10 targets for nine diseases for 2020, either globally or in selected geographical areas.

Dr. Lorenzo Savioli is the Director of the Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases, WHO.

“ The situation is progressing in a dramatic way. What has happened is that we have huge numbers of drugs available of the best quality for the distribution. We have countries like the United States and the United Kingdom that are financially supporting the control of these programmes. Endemic countries are glowing in their commitment to fighting NTD's….Just to give you an idea, in this report, we have the evidence that over 700 million treatment s were delivered regularly every year to the people in need to the poorest people in the poorest section of the world of the best treatment for the poorest people are delivered every year in a regular way.”

Meanwhile, the Director-General of WEHO Dr. Margaret Chan says "the challenge now is to strengthen capacity of national disease programmes in endemic countries and streamline supply chains to get the drugs to the people who need them, when they need them."

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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