Security situation in Libya remains precarious as efforts to reform assume greater coherence: SRSG Mitri

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Tarek Mitri, Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), briefs the Security Council on the situation in that country.

While Libyan authorities move forward with determination for institution building, many difficult decisions have yet to be taken in the areas of constitution-making, transitional justice, reconciliation and security sector reform.

That's what the head of the UN Support Mission in Libya Tarek Mitri told the Security Council on Tuesday.

He says broad based support for these decisions is necessary going forward, adding that at this critical phase of building a democratic Libya, authorities, political forces, community and tribal leaders, revolutionaries and civil society organizations should engage in a process of national dialogue.

” The continued detention without due process and mistreatment of several thousand people stemming from the conflict remains a source of deep concern. While there has been some progress in the screening and processing of conflict-related detainees, this has remained limited in scope. UNSMIL continues to urge the Libyan authorities to accelerate the screening of these detainees, the release of those against whom there is insufficient evidence, and the transfer of detainees to state-controlled facilities. Additionally, UNSMIL continues to advise Libyan authorities on prison reform.”

Special Representative of the Secretary-General Tarek Mitri says the security situation in the east poses a serious challenge to the government and threatens to derail its attempts to secure stability. He warns that assassinations and attacks have to be viewed primarily in the context of the resistance of some armed groups to the state's attempt to re-establish its authority.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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