HIV /AIDS shows signs of reversal in South-East Asia:WHO

AIDS ribbon

The HIV/AIDS epidemic shows signs of reversal globally, with encouraging results in South-East Asia, according to the World Health Organization, WHO. In 2011, 2.2 million people across the world were infected with HIV and 1.7 million died, half a million fewer new infections than 10 years ago, and 600 000 fewer deaths than in 2005. UN Radio's Donn Bobb reports.

Skateboarding + education = success for Afghan youth

Skateistan in Afghanistan

What happens when you combine a youthful population with an exciting new sport and add a dose of education for good measure? Skateistan! That's the name of an education and sports project in Afghanistan that's inspiring cross-cultural interaction as well as opportunities for personal empowerment for hundreds of children in Afghanistan. In this UNICEF podcast, moderator Femi Oke speaks with Oliver Percovich, Skateistan Founder and Executive Director who is from Australia, and Benafsha Tasmim, an Afghanistan native who is the Educational and Cultural Adviser to the Skateistan team in the capital, Kabul. Percovich, a skateboarder since childhood, said he had no intention of starting the NGO when he followed a girlfriend to the country in 2007, armed with several skateboards.

India’s huge postal network has untapped potential

Sachin Pilot

Despite the convenience of modern technology, mail still travels the old fashion way in India as in many other parts of the world. The country, with over 1.2 billion people, is the second most populous in the world and still has a massive network of 150 thousand post offices employing a half a million people. Over the next five years, the government of India is spending a billion dollars to revamp its policies to ensure that this vital postal service becomes the hub of activity. Sachin Pilot, India's state minister for communication tells Faryal Mirza of the Universal Postal Union about the value of India's postal services.

Presenter: Beng Poblete-Enriquez

Duration: 10'00"


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