WHO calls for access to the wounded and health care facilities in Syria

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Syrian refugees

In Syria, access to health care facilities for both patients and health care providers is one of the main obstacles to the provision of health care along with shortages of supplies and health personnel.

That according to the World Health Organization – WHO which says it remains very concerned about the security of health facilities.

Spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic says WHO is calling on all parties to honour the Geneva Conventions and to halt the violence to ensure the safe access to the wounded and other patients to get them to the Damascus hospital.

TAPE: The average number of patients received with injuries per day is between 70 and 100. The hospital is trying to provide services for all types of injuries The most frequent observed injuries are burns, gunshots and injuries from explosions. Due to the escalating violence, More women and children are amongst the injured. Hospital staff are facing difficulties in reaching the hospital because of the ongoing conflict.

WHO says the hospital is experiencing shortages of medicines and supplies from both the international and local markets due to the economic sanctions and currency fluctuations.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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