Grenada ready to reduce carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2020

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Grenada’s Environment Minister George Prime

Grenada stands to be counted among those who must commit to the strengthening of the multilateral rules-based system of a legally binding nature for the governance of the climate change phenomenon.

Environment Minister George Prime told the Doha climate change conference that is why Grenada has committed to reduce its small carbon emissions by 20 per cent by 2020 and be a carbon neutral country by 2030.

He says we're on a course to well over 2.0 degrees Celsius and headed toward a climate cliff from which the pull back must begin here in Doha.

TAPE: The Doha outcome must include: real robust and practical mitigation ambition and a corresponding shared vision, driven by undisputable scientific foundation, new knowledge and conclusions to the scale and integrity that guarantees the survival and viability of all State, economies and peoples. This begins with a real and meaningful outcomes for the second commitment period of Kyoto Protocol; substantive progress on the international mechanisms to address loss and damage; real and substantive on the agreed infrastructure and means of implementation under the long term cooperative action.

Minister Prime says the Doha Outcome should include a shared vision and pre-2020 mitigation ambition towards a well below 1.5 degree world with a clear programme towards a ratifiable binding protocol by 2015.

TAPE: We regret and are deeply saddened by the phase and the lack of ambition that characterized the negotiations to this point. We remind all delegates to respond to the science, to be sensitive to the plight of the most vulnerable and the imperative to act urgently, decisively and ambitiously. We must leave the shores of this beautiful country with the assurance and confidence to say that we were counted in, and we must make a great step to protect life and livelihood on this planet.

Environment Minister George Prime says as beautiful and well-known as Doha is, we can make it even more renowned in the history books of climate change diplomacy by taking climate change decisions that clearly show that we grasp the importance of the ecological tipping point we are facing and that we pull back in the interest of planetary survival.

Donn Bobb, United Nations

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