Barbados tells Doha Climate conference 'we are no way near where we need to be' in fighting climate change

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Meeting of 2012 UN Climate Change Conference in Doha, Qatar

NAR: Caribbean States have made their views known on efforts to stall or even roll back the impacts of climate change.

Barbados' Minister of Foreign Affaires Maxine Mc Clean says while some progress has been made, "we are no way where we need to be. She says all major reports on the state of the world's climate system paint an alarming picture, even as they point to the gross inadequacy of our response.

Maxine Mc Clean:  In every corner of the globe, the evidence of a changing climate is right before us. In all our countries, we are experiencing more intense, costlier and deadlier climate related extreme weather events. No country is immune and no community will be left untouched by the ravages of climate change. If we are to do what is right, we cannot continue on our current path. The time for procrastination is over. We cannot afford the luxury of further denial. We must respond with ambition and at a pace that is now beyond urgent. The time for incremental and piecemeal solution is long past.

NAR: Foreign Minister Mc Clean says small island states have a responsibility to protect and safeguard their people. She warns that time is not on our side.

Maxine Mc Clean:  It is therefore not surprising: that we have called for more ambitious emission reduction commitments than that which are on offer by all developed countries, including those undertaking a second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol; that we have called for real and tangible outcomes under the Durban Platform's work plan on enhancing mitigation ambition to ensure we are on track to achieve the well- below 2 degrees goal; that we have joined with other developing countries in seeking greater clarity on the delivery of scaled up finance after the end of the Fast Start finance period in three weeks….We make no apologies for these positions. Failure to address each of these important issues before this meeting will lead to serious existential consequences for SIDS and other vulnerable communities around the world.

NAR: Foreign Minister Mc Clean says it is critical that all play their part in addressing their contributions to, and combating the effects of climate change.

She says Barbados is firmly committed to enhancing energy efficiency and pursuing alternative energy sources such as wind and solar, as a means of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

Donn Bobb, United Nations.

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