US embargo against Cuba harms American interests: Cuba

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Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Cuba

The UN General Assembly on Tuesday voted overwhelmingly to condemn the U.S. commercial, economic and financial embargo against Cuba for the 21st year in a row.

The final vote was 188-3, with Israel and Palau joining the United States. The Marshall Islands and Micronesia both abstained. Last year’s vote for the symbolic measure was almost identical, 186-2, with three abstentions.

Speaking before the General Assembly, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez railed against the embargo calling the U.S. policy “inhumane, failed and anachronistic.”

TAPE: Keeping this policy in force is not in the national interest of the United States. Quite on the contrary, it harms the interests of its citizens and companies _ especially in times of economic crisis and high unemployment _ which, according to every poll, are demanding a change of policy. What’s the point of encroaching on the constitutional and civil rights and the freedom of travel of Americans by preventing them from visiting the Island when they can visit any other place in the planet, including those where their country is waging wars?”

NARRATOR: Rodriguez added that although U.S. President Barack Obama had offered a new beginning with Cuba after the 2008 election, “the reality of the last four years has been characterized by a persistent tightening of the economic, commercial and financial blockade.” This is Donn Bobb reporting.

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