UN urges China to address human rights issues in Tibetan areas

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UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay

The United Nations human rights chief is urging the Chinese authorities to promptly address human rights issues that have led to an alarming escalation of desperate forms of protests including self immolations in Tibetan areas.

According to Navi Pillay, over 60 Tibetans have set themselves on fire since 2011.

Ms. Pillay says she is disturbed by the continuing allegations of violence, torture and ill-treatment of  Tibetans seeking to exercise their fundamental human rights of freedom of expression, association and religion.

She calls on the Chinese government to  lift restrictions on media access to the region and to allow independent and impartial monitors to visit and assess human rights standards in the Tibetan regions.

Rupert Colville is the spokesperson for the UN Human Rights office.

"She is also calling for the release of all individuals detained for merely exercising the rights to peaceful assembly and expression. She is also appealing to Tibetans to refrain from resorting to extreme forms of protest, such as self-immolation, and urging community and religious leaders to use their influence to help stop this tragic loss of life. She fully recognizes Tibetans' intense sense of frustration and despair which has led them to resort to such extreme means.   There are other ways to make those feelings clear. It's important that the government also recognizes this and permits Tibetans to express their feelings without fear of retribution."

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