The embargo against Cuba harkens back to an isolationist era: St. Vincent & Grenadines

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Camillo Gonsalves

NARRATOR: St. Vincent and the Grenadines says that in this era of economic globalization and international diplomatic engagement across the ideological spectrum, the Embargo against Cuba harkens back to an isolationist era.

Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves pointed out that throughout the extended struggle with the effects of the Embargo, Cuba has remained a staunch and abiding partner in the development of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

TAPE: ..In this time of increasing regional integration and interaction, the Cuban economy, markets and resources are a valuable component of our collective Caribbean development. To impede the development of Cuba through illegal extraterritorial measures is potentially to stunt the growth of her Caribbean neighbours. As we all grapple with the fallout of the global economic and financial crisis, the need to eliminate such developmental impediments is even more compelling. None of the architects of this Embargo, nor the political principals that motivated it, remain in office today. Indeed, the embargo has been in existence for longer than Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has been an independent nation, and predates the UN membership of every CARICOM state, with the exception of Haiti.

NARRATOR: Ambassador Gonsalves stressed that we should not allow political cowardice or ideological straightjackets to perpetuate the continuation of this unjust and harmful Embargo. He expressed the hope for an evolution in the thinking and actions of the United States on this matter, noting that St. Vincent and the Grenadines remained unequivocal in its call for the removal of this developmental constraint on its Caribbean neighbour. This is Donn Bobb reporting.

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