Recognizing women pastoralists as guardians of local livestock breeds

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A woman in Tajikistan carries a bucket of fresh milk

Hardy, strong, adaptable to local conditions and easy to care for: these are some of the traits that rural women who keep livestock value in their animals.  But some of these pastoralists and family farmers are being urged to abandon their indigenous chickens, goats, sheep, pigs and other animals for high-performing hybrid breeds.  Women comprise the majority of the world's 600 million poor livestock keepers. And a recent study by the Food and Agriculture Organization says they are crucial to halting the decline in local breeds and preserving livestock diversity.

Filipina housewife uses remittances to build a successful fish farm business

Financial literacy training

An estimated 10 million people from The Philippines have left their homeland in search of economic opportunities abroad. The money they send home helps to support their families and is vital to the country's economy.  However, very little is saved or invested.  But Lily Bruhl, a housewife and mother of four is changing that.  Through training from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), she is using monthly remittances from her husband to build a thriving fish farm business.

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