L69 Group firm in its conviction on expansion of the UN Security Council: Ambassador Wolfe

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Raymond Wolfe, Jamaican Ambassador to the UN

NARRATOR: Despite recognizing the need to make the Security Council more representative and fit to tackle complex global challenges, delegates remained divided on the future makeup of the 15-nation body, as the General Assembly on Thursday discussed the Council's work and reforming its structure

Jamaica, spoke on behalf of the L69 Group of countries –a diverse group of developing countries from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, who are united by a common cause – to achieve, lasting and comprehensive reform of the UN Security Council.

Ambassador Raymond Wolfe said the group is cemented in its firm conviction that expansion in both the permanent and nonpermanent categories of membership of the Security Council is needed to better reflect contemporary world realities, and achieve a more accountable, representative and transparent Security Council.

He said that on each of the five key issues of Security Council reform, there exists clear convergences.

TAPE: First, the Security Council must be enlarged in both the permanent and non-permanent categories. Second, the new permanent members should have the same prerogatives and privileges as those of the current permanent members, including the veto. Third, additional seats in an expanded Council should include permanent members from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean region, as well as from the Western European and other States. There should also be additional non-permanent seats from Africa, Asia, Eastern European Group, Latin America and the Caribbean region as well as one non-permanent seat for small island developing states across all regions….

Fourth, the Council should be expanded to the mid-twenties and it should adapt its working

methods so as to increase the involvement of States not members of the Council in its work, as appropriate, enhance its accountability to the membership and increase the transparency of its work.

NARRATOR: Ambassador Wolfe said that the fifth and final point calls for the General Assembly’s role as the chief deliberative, policy-making and representative organ

of the UN must be respected in both letter and spirit. This is Donn Bobb reporting

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