All human rights interrelated and indivisible: Barbados

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Joseph Goddard

It is fundamental for States to address the serious challenges facing the human rights treaty body system by making proposals to guarantee its effective functioning.

That's what Barbados's representative Ambassador Joseph Goddard told the General Assembly's Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee He said that would help safeguard the basic tenets of human rights. 

Joseph Goddard : Although development is a human right for all, challenges in the realization of this right continue unabated due to multiple interrelated crises faced by developing countries, in particular small vulnerable developing states like those in the CARICOM sub-region. As we aim to realize this right, it must not be forgotten that all human rights are interrelated and indivisible.

While Governments have a primary responsibility to implement effective development policies and strategies, the importance of international cooperation cannot be overemphasized. Providing an enabling environment that is conducive to the realization of the right to development, therefore, remains critical.

For developing countries like CARICOM, it is crucial to ensure quality education, affordable and accessible healthcare and services, and to guarantee the realization of other social, economic and cultural rights for its constituents.

Narrator: Ambassador Goddard said CARICOM would participate in the intergovernmental process, which was to resume in early 2013. He reiterated concerns voiced during the dialogue with the High Commissioner for Human Rights about the selective implementation of recommendations contained in her report.

He said it must not be forgotten that all human rights were interrelated and indivisible. It also was crucial to ensure quality education and affordable healthcare. Indeed, education was a human right.

Joseph Goddard : Education is a human right and is considered one of the key elements in the fight against poverty. Development strategies aimed at eradicating poverty should, therefore, continue to receive adequate attention and focus of Member States and the international community. The same applies to the realization of the right to highest attainable standards of physical and mental health. This right is compromised by the high prevalence of communicable and non-communicable diseases. The outcome document of the Rio+20 Conference emphasized that HIV and AIDS and other communicable diseases remain serious global concerns, and recognized that non-communicable diseases constitute one of the major challenges for sustainable development in the twenty-first century. It is therefore crucial that in the elaboration of the post-2015 development framework adequate attention is paid to the prevention, treatment, care and support of these diseases.

Narrator: Ambassador Goddard concluded his statement by noting that CARICOM Member States, with a longstanding record for upholding human rights and fundamental freedoms, pledged their continued commitment to the realization of all human rights for all.

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