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UN Radio News 29 November 2012

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UN agencies to promote the rights of people living with HIV

United Nations agencies in Geneva have launched a campaign to promote the rights of people living with HIV. The "Getting to zero at work" campaign is in recognition of the role of the workplace in the global struggle to limit the spread and effects of the HIV epidemic. The campaign is supported by the World [...]

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Syria using landmines to target civilians fleeing the country

Syrian refugee woman holds her child

The Syrian government is laying landmines along its  borders with Lebanon and Turkey, according to a report by the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL). The landmines are targeted at civilians seeking to cross the border to flee violence in Syria. The report says Syria was the only state using landmines this year, although, non-state [...]

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A Centre in Ghana trains people for peacekeeping operations

Major-General Christian Edem Kobla Dovlo

Seven of the 16 United Nations peacekeeping operations deployed around the world are in Africa. At the same time, the continent is contributing to the training of peacekeepers at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre based in Accra, Ghana. The Centre, which began its work in 2003, is headed by Christian Edem Kobla Dovlo, [...]

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