Syrian refugees brace for harsh winter

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Syrian refugee woman holds her child

United Nations agencies are stockpiling relief supplies to assist the over 340,000 Syrian refugees live through the coming harsh winter months.

The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) says the refugees, who are spread across Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq, will need specially adapted tents, warm clothing, high thermal blankets, hot water bottles and fuel for heating in addition to the regular supplies of food and water.

Melissa Fleming from UNHCR says the organization will require at least $64 million for winter preparations throughout the region, and also cater for the over 1.2 million Syrians displaced inside the country.

"I do think that we are at a very good state of preparedness. We have predicted numbers that are significant, 700,000 by the end of the year. If we follow this plan we will be able feel pretty good about people feeling a certain degree of warmth and comfort in the winter. What we are doing for the internally displaced it's not enough. Humanitarian access is a huge issue. Our ability to reach people in need is hampered by terrible violence. The people we are reaching primarily are in urban areas where we do have offices. But the people who are outside of those areas of operations it's very difficult. The Syrian Arab Red Crescent is undertaking heroic efforts to reach people in places where the UN can't go."

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