Syria likely to descend into an all-out sectarian conflict

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Syrian children's access to education has been affected as many of them are displaced OCHA/Ben Parker

The conflict in Syria is likely to descend into an all out sectarian conflict, as the international community remains divided on how to end the 18 month crisis, the UN Human Rights chief Navi Pillay has warned.

Speaking at a news conference in Geneva, Ms. Pillay said the memories of what happened in Bosnia were still fresh enough to serve as a warning to the international community on their inaction on the Syrian crisis.

She said the indiscriminate use of heavy weaponry by government forces to destroy cities and the use of bombs by opposition groups, which kill and main civilians, is inexcusable and may amount to war crimes or crimes against humanity.

"Thousands and thousands of men, women and children have already been killed, injured, tortured, displaced. By remaining divided, the international community is enabling the continuation of the suffering and helping create the circumstances for a wider regional conflict. The longer this vicious conflict continues, the more lethal it becomes not just for Syria's own long-term future, but also for the entire region. Already, the spill-over into Turkey is threatening regional peace and security. I fear for Syria's children, many of whom will be scarred for life by the dreadful and prolonged traumatic experience they are suffering. "  (Duration: 45″)


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