Perpetrators of sexual violence must have no place to hide: UN expert

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A woman living in North Darfur, expresses her sorrow over the increase in rapes in the area

People who commit rape and other acts of sexual violence against women during conflicts must know that they have no place to hide anywhere in the world, says the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict.  Zainab Bangura says although in most cases perpetrators target women, men and boys are increasingly becoming victims.

All-woman team at Sierra Leone court a model of international cooperation

Special Court for Sierra Leone

The Special Court for Sierra Leone was established to prosecute perpetrators of war crimes during the country's 11 years of civil war which ended in 2002. The court is set to wind down next year, and Derrick Mbatha discusses its impact with the court President, Shireen Avis Fisher, and Registrar, Binta Mansaray. They say the Special Court has empowered Sierra Leone's women, for example through rulings and community outreach. Justice Fisher begins by explaining that it is also an innovator in the international criminal justice system. 

A call for women’s leadership in disaster risk reduction

Pandemic Readiness and Response Exercise in Senegal

In many parts of the world women are responsible for securing food and water. With disasters on the rise, the UN Office for Disaster Reduction believes they can play a key role in another important area: helping communities plan for these events.

Presenter: Dianne Penn
Producer: Sandra Guy
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