Adultery should not be a criminal offense: human rights working group

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Frances Raday

Adultery should not be classified as a criminal offense at all, says the UN expert group on women's human rights. While adultery may constitute a civil offence with legal consequences in certain countries and circumstances, it should not be a crime punishable by severe bodily harm or death, says the UN Working Group on the issue of discrimination against women in law and in practice. UN Radio's Patrick Maigua found out from Professor Frances Raday, Vice Chair of the Working Group, that the consensus is to decriminalize.

Raising awareness about rape among internally displaced women


Incidents of gender-based violence are on the increase among internally displaced persons (IDPs). The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) is fighting the problem by raising awareness and encouraging women like Heba to speak out and get support. Pat Duffy of UN Television tells the story of Heba, a young Ethiopian woman who immigrated to Somaliland, where she was violated.

Garden maintained by women benefits whole community

farmer from Burkina Faso

Bordering on the vast Sahara Desert, the Sahel stretches across the African continent. Eking out any kind of life here is tough, but some women in north western Burkina Faso are turning their corner of this harsh, arid region into a lush and productive garden. In a place where people survive mainly on the staple, but nutritionally poor grain, millet, the vegetables these women produce are changing their and their families’ diets and lives.

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