Under-5 child mortality on significant decline

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The pace of reducing child deaths has accelerated sharply since 2000, according to new data released by the United Nations.

The report says nearly 7 million children died before their fifth birthday in 2011 compared to 12 million children in 1990.

The report jointly published by UNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank (WB) and the UN Population Division says rates of child mortality have fallen in all regions of the world in the last two decades, although Sub-Saharan Africa, remains the region with the greatest challenge in child survival.

Dr Boerma Ties from WHO says accelerating the reduction in under-five mortality is possible by expanding preventative and curative interventions that target the main causes death.

"This is important progress but it is not fast enough to meet the millennium development goal target of the two thirds reductions from the 1990 levels by 2015. it needs to be radically accelerated to more than 14 per cent reduction each year for the next three years. Sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia face the greatest challenges in child survival, more than 80 per cent of child deaths in the world occur in these two regions. About half of child deaths occur in just five countries India which takes 24 per cent of the global total, Nigeria 11 per cent, the democratic republic of Congo 7 per cent, Pakistan 5 per cent and china 4 per cent."

Globally, the leading causes of death among children under five are pneumonia, birth complications, diarrhoea, and malaria.

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