Cholera epidemic continues to spread in Sierra Leone

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cholera outbreak

The Cholera outbreak in Sierra Leone continues to escalate with the number of cases reported now close to 19,000, according to the World Health Organization(WHO).

The disease has already claimed 273 lives.

WHO says 12 of the country's 13 districts are now reporting cholera cases with the capital Freetown being the epicenter of the outbreak.

The spread of the epidemic is being fuelled by poor sanitation and the acute shortage of clean water especially in the capital city Freetown.

Dr William Perea from WHO says poor infrastructure is also preventing health workers from reaching some of the worst affected communities in rural areas.

"Freetown is with the largest number of cases around 60 per cent close to 10,000 cases. And what we are seeing now progressively is that the disease continues to spread slowly but progressively to the rest of the country. The health infrastructure in Sierra Leone is very poor, water system is practically non-existent and access to safe water is very complicated. Logistics are extremely complex, the roads are non-existent so it takes a lot of time to go to one place to another."

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