Children lead the way toward better sanitation

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toilet facility in India

For centuries in one community in India, people have defecated in the street. Now, that community is working to change sanitation and hygiene practices. And, according to UNICEF, the UN Children's Fund, the initiative is being led by children! Charles Appel has more.

Governments can do more for universal health coverage: WHO

2012 WHO Bulletin cover

Universal access to health care services can be achieved if governments do more to ensure that there are health insurance schemes that cover everyone.  That's the conclusion of a study of countries in Asia and Africa published in the September 2012 issue of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO).  The study says that community and social health insurance schemes in these countries reduce the need to pay for health services at the point of delivery.  To find out more about this, UN Radio's Derrick Mbatha spoke with Joe Kutzin, Coordinator of Health Financing Policy at WHO in Geneva.

Farmers in Philippines face climate change

agriculture in Agusan, Philippines

Agusan del Norte, a province in the southern part of the Philippines, is one of the leading rice producers in the country. The majority of the people in this region rely heavily on farming and fishing for their livelihoods and congenial weather patterns are very important for their livelihoods. But in recent years, alternating periods of drought and heavy rains have become a serious threat to the survival of the population in Agusan del Norte. To protect the farmers from the effects of climate change and insure those most at risk, the International Labour Organization (ILO) has implemented a project that monitors severe weather patterns. Beng Poblete-Enriquez reports.

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