Angelina Jolie praises Jordan for helping Syrian refugees

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UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie meets with refugees on the Jordanian border minutes after they crossed from Syria.

Jordan has been commended by award winning American actress, Angelina Jolie for welcoming Syrian refugees escaping conflict in their country.

Ms. Jolie, the Special Envoy of the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) and Antonio Guterres, the head of UNHRC met with Syrian refugees during a visit to the Za'atri camp in Jordan on Tuesday.

Ms. Jolie described what the Jordanians are doing to help the Syrian refugees who have escaped death in their home country as "an extraordinary thing".

"I was on the border last night with the Jordanian military and one of the things that they are all instructed to say as soon as they meet a family that has just run and crossed is 'You are safe and you are welcome here' and I watched them say that to the people who crossed in last night. And I sat with the people. It's been a very heavy experience because often times you come to these camps. We have all been around and met with people in conflict situation but rarely do you come when you meet them as they cross the border and you get to know people the moment they become a refugee"

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Ms. Jolie thanked Jordan for keeping its borders open for the Syrian refugees and appealed to the international community to continue to support the refugees.

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